■ Orleans coroner sets new policies for investigating in-custody deaths

THE ADVOCATE | Acting to fulfill a campaign promise designed to remove doubt about autopsies performed on people who die while in jail or in police custody, Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse on Monday unveiled a series of new policies on how to handle such cases. [read more here]

■ Group to support murder victims’ families

THE ADVOCATE | For families of victims, murder scenes can be as frustrating as they are emotionally devastating. Grief-stricken loved ones confront the realities of an active police investigation, grasping for answers as detectives process clues and follow leads. [read more here]

■ Left with a decomposing, neglected agency, Orleans Parish coroner said he wants to ‘right the ship from years past’

NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE | When Dr. Jeffrey Rouse took office as Orleans Parish coroner in May 2014, becoming the second person to hold the title since Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, he inherited an agency that, forensically speaking, had reached an advanced stage of decomposition. [read more here]

■ Katrina turned a ‘bookish nerd’ into a coroner, The Atlantic reports

NOLA.COM | In 2005, psychiatry student named Jeffrey Rouse was working part-time for the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office while finishing his Ph.D, on his way to career in academia, The Atlantic reports in a profile of the man who was elected coroner in 2013. [read more here]

■ Trinity Counseling and Training Center honors Dr. Jeffrey Rouse and Tim Trapolin at gala

NOLA.COM | Founded in 1986 by Anne Heard, the Trinity Counseling and Training Center was created to meet the need for low-cost mental health services for people with limited finances. It is an ongoing ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church; while at first its counseling services were available to church members only, they now include those who are not. Most recently, St. Thomas Community Health Center began providing counseling at the center, as well as training and supervising interns from local universities. [read more here]