September 2018 – Influenza

The Orleans Parish Coroner is warning that Flu deaths are on the rise for older Americans.

According to Orleans Parish Coroner, Dr. Dwight McKenna, people age 65 and older are much
better than others at getting annual flu shots.

Statistics by AARP show that in 2017, 69% of seniors got a flu shot while 12,163 people 65 and
over had died from the flu by late July.

Why is this happening? In older people, the problem is heightened because their immune
systems have become inherently weaker due to age.

How to Protect Yourself:

– Get the flu shot.

– Practice good health habits. Wash hands regularly, avoid close contact with people who are ill,
try not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth and get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

– Remember to exercise regularly.

– Stay up to date with your pneumococcal vaccines if you are 65 or older. this will help prevent
pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis. People with the flu are more likely to develop pneumonia.