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Sexual Harassment 

As an equal employment opportunity employer, OPCO prohibits all types of employment discrimination,
including sexual, racial, and ethnic harassment. OPCO is committed to providing a workplace that is free
from harassment in all of its forms. This includes, but is not limited to verbal, nonverbal, visual, physical
and electronic harassment.

As a general rule, the OPCO will not tolerate any offensive, intimidating or hostile conduct that may
interfere with the performance of an employee’s job or endanger the safety and well-being of anyone
while on OPCO premises. Employees must use mature judgement and maintain the highest standards of
performance and personal conduct at all times. Some examples of prohibited harassment are set forth

1. Verbal abuse, sexual innuendos, jokes, suggestive comments, or slurs that in any way relate to
an individual’s race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.
2. Quid pro quo offers wherein an employee is in a management or supervisory role and states or
implies that an employee must consent to unwelcome sexual advances in exchange for some
economic benefits such as promotions, job retention, etc.
3. Joking that is considered unacceptable or offensive to another person.
4. Threatening, intimidating or hostile acts/ disorderly conduct
5. Written or graphic material displayed in the workplace that denigrates or shows hostility or
aversion towards individual’s race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.

The Coroner abides by the city regulations as set forth in policy memorandum No. 141(R), which can be
found in its entirety at:

Below are summarized procedures of memorandum No. 141(R):


Each public employee shall receive a minimum of one hour of education and training on
preventing sexual harassment during each full calendar year of his/her public employment or
term of office.

Reporting Incident

Coroner employees may report to the human resources manager and/or the Coroner any
allegations or complaints of sexual harassment. Reporting a harassment complaint or discussing a
complaint with the human resources manager and/or the Coroner will result in an investigation. If he
accused harasser is the human resources manager or the Coroner, the complaint may be brought to City
Hall’s personnel division or to the New Orleans Inspector General.

The following are initiation procedures:

1. A sexual harassment complaint may be an oral complaint initially but must be followed by a
sexual harassment or discrimination complaint form. The complaint should include the date(s)
the incident(s) occurred, name(s) of the individual(s) occurred, name(s) of witness (es), and a
detailed description of the incident(s).
2. When the employee completes the sexual harassment or discrimination complaint form, a
human resources manager and the Coroner must sign the form. Only these two signatures are
to be entered on the sexual harassment or discrimination complaint form.
3. The original signed sexual harassment form will be kept in the employee’s personnel file.
4. Employees can also file a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission
(EEOC), the human relations commission or to pursue other legal action, in addition to their
rights under this policy.

Investigation of Reported Incident

1. The appointing authority or the human resources manager, as soon as practically possible,
notify the alleged harasser, in person and in writing, that he or she has been named in a
harassment complaint and that the investigation is being conducted.
2. The appointing authority or the human resources manager shall initiate an investigation of the
complaint or allegation as promptly as possible while ensuring that the investigation is fair,
complete and impartial. The investigation shall be completed within sixty (60) days unless
compelling circumstances require additional time.

Resolution of Complaints

If the investigation substantiates the complaint of harassment, the appointing authority shall
make a determination regarding the appropriate resolution up to but not including termination.
The OPCO will not tolerate any type of retaliation, direct or indirect, against any employee or other
person who, in good faith, complains about or witnesses prohibited harassment.


Louisiana Revised Statutes: Coroner

Louisiana Revised Statutes: Death Investigation


Louisiana Revised Statutes: Mental Health