Coroner’s Report on 2017 Accidental Drug-Related Deaths in New Orleans 

NEW ORLEANS | April 27, 2018 – In New Orleans, there were 219 accidental drug-related deaths in 2017, as compared to 211 in 2016 and 92 in 2015…



Coroner’s Report on 2016 Accidental Drug-Related Deaths in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS | March 27, 2017 – In New Orleans, accidental drug-related deaths in 2016 were more than double that of 2015. There were 211 drug-related deaths in 2016 as compared to 92 drug-related deaths in 2015. This is likely the first time that drug-related deaths have surpassed homicides in the history of New Orleans. Toxicological analysis…READ MORE


Statement on the Officer-Involved Shooting of Arties Manning

NEW ORLEANS | January 26, 2017 – “This morning, my office identified the decedent in Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting as Arties Manning, a 26 year old African-American male. Mr. Manning suffered a total of three gunshot wounds to his shoulder, his side, and his back, perforating multiple organs, including the lung, spleen, and liver. There were no…READ MORE

Statement on the Officer-Involved Shooting of Bernie Porche

NEW ORLEANS | August 24, 2016 – “On Sunday, August 21, 2016, Mr. Porche was involved in an incident at the corner of Law and New Orleans streets with Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department officers and was transported to University Medical Center, where he expired. In keeping with my policy regarding deaths involving…READ MORE

Statement on the Shooting Death of Will Smith

NEW ORLEANS | April 13, 2016 – “On Saturday, April 9th, William Smith suffered multiple gunshot wounds and expired at the scene of the shooting. The Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office was informed of his death, and the Coroner, the Chief Investigator, and the on-call Death Investigator attended the scene…READ MORE