Breast Caner Changes A Lot About Your Life, Including Intimacy

New Orleans Coroner, Dr. Dwight McKenna, says a new study of
women diagnosed with breast cancer reported that around 50%
experienced body image disturbance, and 20% noted a negative
impact on their sex life. Dr. McKenna says physical changes to your
body, side effects from treatment, and how you feel about your body
and sex can make intimacy more challenging.

On the topic of sexuality, more than 70-percent of patients were
satisfied with their sex life before they were diagnosed
with breast cancer, while 23-percent were partially satisfied and 5-
percent were unsatisfied. As for their sex life after diagnosis and
surgery, 20.1% stated that it continued to be fulfilling and 55%
said that it had gotten worse; 18% reported significant sexual

While many people are reluctant to talk about sex, some
problems in women during or after cancer treatment are very
common. Experts say it’s normal for your sex life to take a back
seat while you’re having treatment or dealing with changes
caused by breast cancer.

At the same time, closeness can help you feel better emotionally
while you’re going through it. Dr. McKenna says, nearly all of the
patients who seek the help of a specialist in psycho-oncology can
collaborate together in the right direction on the basis of change
and good communication.