Homeless Camps are Infectious Disease Time Bombs

Sources say, the luxury of modern life is due to the strong defense provided by
the “pillars” of our public health system.

Nowhere is the breakdown of public health more obvious than in “tent cities”
and other locations where homeless people gather.

1. Hepatitis A: Reported in San Diego, where there is an ongoing outbreak
among the homeless that has already hospitalized nearly 300 people and
taken the lives of 16 people.

2. Streptococcus: Recently, a deadly strain that killed three homeless people
in Anchorage.

3. Shigella: A nasty food borne illness that causes blood diarrhea, spread
among Portland’s homeless population.

4. Tuberculosis: Has been linked to homelessness. Tuberculosis (TB) is the
leading infectious cause of morbidity and mortality in adults worldwide, killing
about 2 million people every year. A resurgence of TB associated with several
factors, including HIV, homelessness, and a deteriorated public health

5. Cholera: An acute infection of the small bowel which secretes a toxin that
produces copious watery diarrhea, leading to dehydration, and contaminated
water or seafood. Cholera as spread by ingestion of water, seafood and other
foods contaminated by the excrement of people with symptomatic or
asymptomatic infection.

6. Salmonella Infections: to include Typhoid Fever which is a systemic
disease caused by Salmonella typhi. Symptoms are high fever, prostration,
abdominal pain and a rose-colored rash. The way to prevent this includes
drinking water which should be purified. Sewage should be disposed of
effectively, milk should be pasteurized, chronic carriers should avoid handling
food, and adequate patient isolation precautions should be implemented.

7. Addiction and/or mental illness are the root causes in a substantial number
of homeless cases, allowing homeless people to do whatever they want is no
longer a viable solution.

8. Infectious Disease: Outbreaks demonstrate that squalor is a threat not
only to them but to society as a whole. Doing nothing is no longer acceptable.
It is dangerous, costly and inhumane.

Dr. McKenna is sending this formation for public awareness.
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