Statement on the Officer-Involved Shooting of Arties Manning

NEW ORLEANS | January 26, 2017 – “This morning, my office identified the decedent in Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting as Arties Manning, a 26 year old African-American male. Mr. Manning suffered a total of three gunshot wounds to his shoulder, his side, and his back, perforating multiple organs, including the lung, spleen, and liver. There were no other findings of trauma. Three projectiles were recovered and will be forwarded to the NOPD for potential ballistic testing.

In keeping with my in-custody death protocol, present at the autopsy performed on Mr. Manning were representatives from the Independent Police Monitor’s office, Federal Consent Decree Monitor, the Public Integrity Bureau of the New Orleans Police Department, my Chief Pathologist, my Chief Investigator, and myself.

Mr. Manning’s death is appropriately medically classified as a homicide. Homicide in the medical sense does not imply wrongdoing, criminal intent, or legal blame. Murder, manslaughter, justifiable homicide, or self-defense are all legal terms decided by legal authorities.”